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Dear All,
Please note that we now have two email lists, one for IMC and one for IRC (Insight Retreat Center).  If you’d like to receive future IRC updates, please sign up here: http://eepurl.com/dPgP6 .   If you’re not sure you’re on it, it’s ok to sign up again as it doesn’t allow duplicates.
To see our latest IRC Update, click here:  IRC Update.
With Metta,
Ines Freedman
IRC Managing Director



Tea with Gil – New Retreat Center

May 15, 11 am to 11:45 am

Gil will talk about the new retreat center, followed by refreshments.

Retreat Center Updates

Dear Sangha,

For those of you who are interested in receiving occasional updates on the Retreat Center, please either check the IRC website Updates or sign up on the Retreat Center email list.

Last Monday night, Gil gave a talk about retreat practice, followed by a discussion about the retreat center. You can listen to the recordings here:

Retreats as Sanctuary (Dharma Talk) 23:04 min

Community Meeting (Discussion) 39:54 min

Warm Wishes,
Ines Freedman
Managing Director
Insight Retreat Center (IRC)

Sangha Yellow Pages Listing

The Sangha Yellow Pages are being updated for 2011.  If you would like to advertise in the Yellow Pages, please submit no more than one pags of information about your work in a page protector and one business card protector with cards to the library for approval and inclusion.  All papers must be approved before they are added to the book.   Please include the following: category, Sangha members name, business name, contact information: name, address, city, phone number, email, website, a brief description of the work/service you will provide.  Submissions need to be professional, typed, and no more than one page protector and one business card protector submissions per person.

Please email any questions to karenb@sbcglobal.net with Sangha Yellow Pages in the subject line as most initial emails go to bulk mail.

I’ll be putting a box in the library that will be well marked.  Please put your submission in an envelope in the box.  I’ll add them to the book each week.

Thanks for you patience.

Karen Brown

Community Meeting – Retreat Center Update

We were happy and surprised at the large, enthusiastic turnout at the community meeting Sunday. For those of you who weren’t able to attend, Gil described the property we are purchasing for the future “Insight Retreat Center.” He spoke about how, after 4 years of searching, we have finally found a property well suited for our vision of having a residential retreat center. Among the many positive aspects of this property is the very warm welcome we received when we met with the neighbors there.

We’ve just hired an architect to create the plans required by the county to get our use permit. Due to the county’s requirements, our escrow should take approximately 6 months.

The property sits on 2.8 acres in a semi-rural area. There are 16 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms, a great room, commercial kitchen, dining room, recreation room, a separate 1,000 sq ft modular home, and a large, 6000 sq. ft. undeveloped upstairs area.

We hope to be able to raise funds to convert the undeveloped upstairs into a meditation hall and additional bedrooms and to convert some of the larger existing bedrooms into smaller single occupancy bedrooms.

Our plans are to have private rooms for 40 retreatants and to hold 2-3 retreats each month, including one 7-14 days, and some for 2-5 days, with occasional longer retreats.

We will need to fundraise not only to renovate the property to suit our needs, but also to pay back a $300,000 loan for the purchase.

Any assistance with our fundraising efforts would be greatly appreciated!

Please visit our Website to:

  • See a brief Video and Pictures
  • Sign up for updates of our progress
  • Volunteer
  • Make a donation.
We are happy to feel your support and enthusiasm in helping develop this vision of the Insight Retreat Center.

With Appreciation,

Ines Freedman


Questions? Email: insightretreatcenter@gmail.com

Website: www.insightretreatcenter.org


Additional Food Needed at Sunday’s Potluck

Dear IMC Sangha,

We’d like to ask for your help at this Sunday’s potluck. We are blessed to have 30+ guests from other insight meditation centers around North America coming to IMC. They will join the regular program and then share the meal, giving us an opportunity to meet them and learn about their centers, teachers, and practices.

Would you kindly bring extra food this Sunday so that we have enough for everyone? I hope you’ll come and enjoy this unique opportunity.

Many thanks and much gratitude,

Kim Allen

IMC President

Long Retreats Discussion and Follow Up with Gil Fronsdal

Friday, July 16, 2010, 10am to 2pm

This day will be open to those who have sat retreats of one month or longer sometime in the last 3 years.  The time will involve meditation and discussion.  Please bring lunch.

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Looking for Old Copies of our Newsletter

Dear Sangha members,

We are trying to complete our file of IMC’s newsletter, Insight. Our archive has all issues dating back to the year 2000, but we are missing the first two years or so. If you happen to have any issues from Vol. 1 #1 through Volume 2 #4 (ending in December 1999), could you contact Bill Kostura at saddhadhamma@gmail.com, or (650) 815-1174? Naturally we’d like originals, but copies would also be most welcome.