Volunteering at IMC is a great way to support and participate in the practice life of our center. It is also a good way to meet other people practicing in our center.

Get Started

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Audio Editor
  • Audio Recording
  • Bookkeeping
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Electrician
  • Event Manager
  • Gardening
  • Literature table
  • Managing special events
  • Sunday Potluck volunteer
  • Sunday Tea time volunteer
  • Tea Supplies
  • Transcribing talks
  • Website Management

About Volunteering

All the work that keeps IMC running smoothly is done by volunteers. This means that it is those who practice at IMC who are those who care for the practice place. It also means that there is not a division between “us who practice” and “them who support.” IMC is our shared practice home. If you see small things that need to be done, we encourage you to act on an impulse to take care of it. So, if a bathroom is low on toilet paper, you are most welcome to get more from the closet. If a trash can is full, we appreciate anyone taking the initiative to empty it.