Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

IMC is run entirely by volunteers who are organized in a somewhat fluid structure. The following description is meant to facilitate volunteer efforts and communication. Naturally, as interests, needs and volunteer availability change the structure is modified and many “committees” may contain a single person.

IMC has a Board of up to eleven members who provide primary oversight for our organization, including the five groups or areas into which our volunteers are organized. The Board selects the directors for each of the five groups. Normally the five directors participate, but do not vote, at Board meetings. Board terms last up to four years.

IMC Board

(Coordinated by Board President)

  • Executive Committee
  • Board Development Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Insight Retreat Center Committee

Teaching Program Group

(Coordinated by a Guiding Teacher)

  • Programs
  • Youth and Children’s Program (Family Program)
  • Teen Program
  • Young Adults Program
  • Spanish Dharma Program
  • Yoga Program
  • Online Meditation Courses

Volunteer Group

(Coordinated by Volunteer Director)

  • Volunteer Placement Committee
  • Volunteer and IMC Community Events
  • Volunteer Dharma Program (VDP)

Communications Group

(Coordinated by Communications Director)

  • Communications Committee
  • E-mail & Voicemail Committee
  • Resources Committee

Facilities Group

(Coordinated by Facilities Director)

  • Building Maintenance Committee
  • Temple Cleaning Committee
  • Landscape Maintenance Committee
  • Supplies Committee
  • Potluck Committee

Family Programs Group

(Coordinated by Family Programs Director)

  • Dharma Sprouts
  • Dharma Rocks
  • Teen Program
  • Family retreat