Information for Newcomers

Information for Newcomers

No Cost and No Registration

IMC does not require payment for any of our classes, events or website offerings. IMC is supported entirely by donations (Learn More). It is in the spirit of generosity that IMC continues a 2500-year-old Buddhist tradition of providing the teachings freely to all who are interested. We are inspired by how beautifully Buddhist practice develops when it does so in a field of generosity and gratitude; we are grateful for all the support we receive. If you are inspired to donate at IMC there is a donation box by the front door. It has two slots, one for the teacher of the event and the other for IMC’s operation expenses. In addition, you can donate online here.

In general, no registration is required for IMC events and programs. The occasional events that require registration will be clearly marked on our website and newsletter.

Attending an Event or Program at IMC

Our building is primarily made up of two large rooms and two smaller rooms. We first enter into a large “community hall” which we use for walking meditation, social gatherings, and for spillover seating for our meditation hall. To your immediate right are the shoe racks where shoes are left before entering the meditation hall. On top of the shoe rack, we store a number meditation cushions that anyone can use while at IMC. Our meditation hall is the large carpeted room next to the shoe racks. It has about 60 chairs for those who prefer to meditate while sitting in a chair.

If you arrive late, we ask that you enter mindfully and quietly take a seat in the community hall until the end of the meditation session.


There are no dress requirements; however, we encourage participants to wear comfortable clothing. No shoes are worn in the carpeted meditation hall or conference room. Shoes are OK in the community hall and other non-carpeted areas.


IMC is accessible to individuals with disabilities. Among the services offered are:

  • One accessible parking space in our very small parking lot on Birch Street.
  • There is a ramp from the parking area to the front entrance.
  • The main halls and a bathroom are wheelchair accessible.
  • Hearing assisted devices are available in a box on the cabinets to the left of the entry to the meditation hall. When you are finished using the hearing assisted devices, please return them to the charging box so they can be ready for our next event.

IMC is Fragrance-free

To respect of those with sensitivities and allergies, we request that you not wear scented products while attending IMC.


There is generally a manager for each of our programs. This volunteer is usually the person who rings the bell at the end of the meditation session. The manager can answer questions you may have about IMC or about participating in our programs.


Many people who participate at IMC bow at the end of a meditation session and at the end of a dharma talk. Most commonly this is an expression of appreciation and gratitude. Bowing is entirely optional.

Meditation Instruction

If you are new to meditation, you might be interested in the One-Hour Basic Introduction or other classes described under Programs/Beginning Meditation Instruction.