Sangha Yellow Pages Listing

Sangha Yellow Pages Listing

The Sangha Yellow Pages are being updated for 2011.  If you would like to advertise in the Yellow Pages, please submit no more than one pags of information about your work in a page protector and one business card protector with cards to the library for approval and inclusion.  All papers must be approved before they are added to the book.   Please include the following: category, Sangha members name, business name, contact information: name, address, city, phone number, email, website, a brief description of the work/service you will provide.  Submissions need to be professional, typed, and no more than one page protector and one business card protector submissions per person.

Please email any questions to with Sangha Yellow Pages in the subject line as most initial emails go to bulk mail.

I’ll be putting a box in the library that will be well marked.  Please put your submission in an envelope in the box.  I’ll add them to the book each week.

Thanks for you patience.

Karen Brown