2024 Path of Fearlessness with Diana Clark and Tanya Wiser

2024 Path of Fearlessness with Diana Clark and Tanya Wiser

Saturdays 12:30pm – 3:30pm (Pacific time)
Jan 27, Feb 24, Apr 13, May 25, Jun 29 and Aug 10, 2024

On Zoom
Offered by:
Diana Clark and Tanya Wiser

In order to find real freedom it is important to practice right in the middle of our lives, including those areas that are unresolved, frightening, or painful. Often enough, it is easy for us to hear and practice Dharma teachings without knowing how to apply these to the deepest personal, emotional, psychological, or interpersonal aspects of our life. Sometimes this is avoided because of fear. In the Path of Fearlessness program we will study the Dharma through studying ourselves. Its aim is to support you in having greater self-understanding and greater fearlessness in all aspects of your life.

The format of the online (Zoom) program includes monthly meetings that will include dharmettes, guided meditations and group discussions. Importantly, the program also includes reading, writing and reflection assignments that are completed between the monthly meetings. In addition, between the monthly meetings there will be optional small group meetings to further discuss and explore the topics.

Course participants are expected to be familiar with the foundational teachings and practices of Theravada Buddhism and not be complete beginners. This expectation is most often met by (1) completion of IMC’s  9-month Eightfold Path program and/or study of Gil Fronsdal’s The Issue at Hand  and (2) attending at least one silent meditation retreat (online or residential) in this tradition. Please only apply to the program if you are able to commit to the best of your ability for the entire course.

You can apply here.  Applications due by Thursday, January 18, 2024.

Questions?  You can email pathoffearlessness@insightmeditationcenter.org