IMC Community Survey Results

IMC Community Survey Results

The results of the Sept-Oct 2009 IMC Community Survey are in. They are broken into three parts and are available in PDF:

Our survey received 322 responses – 242 (75%) from people who attend in person, and 80 (25%) from people who primarily interact with IMC online. Fully 98% report that Buddhist practice has had a positive or very positive effect on their life.   In-person population:

  • Two-thirds have been participating with IMC for at least 3 years, and more than 17% for more than decade.
  • About 60% of attendees meditate at home nearly every day.
  • Over 30% of our respondents have practiced meditation for over 10 years, with 98% reporting mindfulness as their primary spiritual practice and metta practice at almost 80%.
  • The most frequently cited interest was ‘daily life practice’, followed by residential retreats and sutta study.

Primarily online population:

  • This group is unusual in having more men than women, and it is generally a younger (30% under 35 years old) population than attends IMC in person.
  • Naturally quite interested in more video options and online courses, but also in a more interactive sangha.

Open-ended comments: Gratefulness for IMC was most common. Access to teachers / mentor support and various ways for connection within the sangha were primary themes.