Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

with Gil FronsdalInes Freedman

October 4 to November 21, 2009  COURSE HAS ENDED

Course Description:

This online course based on Gil Fronsdal’s six-week introduction to Mindfulness Meditation class.
It’s supplemented with written material, mindfulness exercises for bringing the practice into daily life, and reflective questions. Ines Freedman, as the online teacher for the course, provides further teachings and email guidance.
The course is not live, so it can be done at any time during the day, with support offered either by email or at pre-arranged times using Skype, telephone or Instant Messenger.
The course may also be audited without teacher support.


Following the Buddhist tradition that all teachings be given freely, there is no charge for this course. Donations are welcome.
Registration: To be informed when registration opens, please sign up here.