IRC Update from Gil

IRC Update from Gil

It is with great delight that I express my gratitude to all who have donated funds for the renovation of the Insight Retreat Center. We have raised $1.17 million since we started our fundraising campaign in May. This is phenomenally successful for an organization our size. I consider every donation a wonderful and generous gift, from the $5 we received from ten-year old Rachel to the donations of our major donors.

Due to the popularity of Audiodharma, we have received many donations from people around the world who have never been to IMC. We have also received donations from eight sitting groups around the country who were inspired to support our retreat center. I appreciate this “grass roots” support by many people far and near. I find it meaningful that the ways we support others through our many podcasts now inspires others to support us in turn.

We plan on starting the renovation in January. We will do as much as we can with the funds we have at hand. Ideally we would finish the work next year as there are many advantages in doing it all at once.

I am quite enthusiastic about IRC, especially when I envision the many retreats we will be offering there. I have seen how beneficial retreats are for those who attend them. I am confident that IRC will not only benefit many, many individuals, but that the benefits will also spread, through them, out into our wider society.

Our fundraising campaign is still active and I am grateful for all who are inspired to donate to IRC over the next months. In particular I thank the sitting groups that have taken the initiative to support us.

With much thanks and appreciation,

Gil Fronsdal