Sati Center announces the opening of the new Sati Institute

We are pleased to announce that beginning in September, the Sati Institute for Theravada Buddhist Studies, under the auspices of the Sati Center, will offer two courses toward a Master of Buddhist Studies (M.B.S.) degree in collaboration with the Institute of Buddhist Studies. This degree is designed for those interested in a systematic education in Theravada Buddhist Studies for professional or personal purposes. As the program develops, we will add a third year for students who want to earn an Masters of Divinity (M-Div) degree. The M-Div will prepare students for professional service either to a sangha or in public institutions, such as hospitals and hospices, jails and prisons, armed forces and universities.

The two courses offered in September will include an online Sutta study course entitled “Readings in Early Buddhist Texts” and a second course, to be held at IMC, entitled “Meditation in the Theravada Tradition.” Both courses are taught by Gil Fronsdal, Phd, and Nona Olivia, Phd.

For more information, including detailed descriptions of classes, registration, and cost, please go to the Institute for Buddhist Studies website. If you have questions, please contact Nona Olivia at nona.olivia@comcast.net.