Buddha’s Teachings on Mindfulness

Buddha’s Teachings on Mindfulness [2017]

The Buddha’s Teachings on Mindfulness By Gil Fronsdal What should be done for his disciples out of compassion by a Teacher who seeks their welfare and has compassion for them, that I have done for you, Ānanda. There are these roots of trees, these empty huts. Meditate, Ānānda, do not delay, or else you will regret it later. This is my instruction to you.     (MN 152.18) The image that most universally represents Buddhism is that of the Buddha meditating.  Without…

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The Buddha as a Chaplain

The Buddha as a Chaplain [2016]

  Reading the Middle Length Discourses as a resource for chaplains by Gil Fronsdal “A being not subject to delusion has appeared in the world for the welfare and happiness of many, out of compassion for the world, for the good, welfare, and happiness of gods and humans.”                                                                …

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