Upcoming Sati Center Events

Upcoming Sati Center Events

The Sati Center for Buddhist Studies is sponsering the following events:


Getting to the Heart of Practice – without veering off or stopping short!
David Lorey, Ying Chen, Diana Clark, Kim Allen
April 18, 20, 22 (Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday)
8:30-10:00am Pacific

We can conceive of practice as a journey to greater freedom. What supports us to travel the path to its full completion? This class will explore two suttas, MN 29 and MN 107, that provide evocative imagery on the path and the obstacles that hinder us from getting to the heart of practice. The class will include dharmettes, guided meditations, Q&A, and small group discussion.

Mahāparinibbāṇa Sutta with Ajahn Sujato
Tuesdays, May 2, 9, 16, & 23
7:15pm – 8:45pm US Pacific Time

The Mahāparinibbāṇa Sutta,  Dīgha Nikāya 16, is the longest and one of the most significant suttas of the Pali Canon. It recounts the last days of the Buddha’s life, his final teachings and instructions to his followers, his death, as well as the disputes that arose among his followers after his death.

In this four part course, Ajahn Sujato discuss this important text using his translation.

Sammā-Diṭṭhi: Right View in Early Buddhism with Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā
Saturdays, May 6, May 13, and May 20
9:30am – 11am PDT

This class explores right view (Pali sammā-diṭṭhi, Sanskrit samyak-dṣti) in early Buddhist thought – from a doctrinal and practical perspective. Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā will begin by briefly situating right view within the noble eightfold path. She will then take up wrong view(s) (micchā-diṭṭhimityā-dṛṣti), and proceed to different definitions of and perspectives on right view found in the early Buddhist discourses.