Non-IRC Retreats with Gil

Non-IRC Retreats with Gil

April 22-19: Online Opportunity with  insight retreat at Spirit Rock with Gil and others

This is a chance to participate online in a retreat with Gil, Tuere Sala, Jozen Gibson, and DaRa Williams.  The online teacher supporting the online participants is Shelly Graf. More information at here

July 8 – 29: The Practice of Awakening: Zen Intensive Gil and Paul Haller. 

Both the tradition of early Buddhism and the Zen tradition emphasize the Practice of Awakening. In this Intensive, which is held in Tassajara, a Zen center in the midst of the Ventana wilderness, we will practice and study the main principles of both traditions and explore how they can support awakening in everyday life.

This three-week Intensive offers an opportunity for experienced meditators to engage in the Zen residential practice of Tassajara. Our schedule will include morning and evening zazen; formal meals; work practice; dharma talks; and individual and group practice discussions with the teachers. The practice includes a seven-day sesshin and some daylong sittings.

More information here

In a new, exploratory effort, Zen Center of San Francisco is offering this retreat freely on dana, as done at all retreats at the Insight Retreat Cener where Gil usually teaches. Anyone inspired to support this initiative is invited to be a “supporter of the Summer Intensive sangha.”  For supporters not participating in the intensive, Paul and Gil will have a Zoom meeting before and after the intensive to discuss the retreat’s theme, the Dharma of this dana approach, and any questions you have. Information here