An Evening For People of Asian Background (Sept 11)

People of all Asian and South Asian backgrounds are invited to an informal discussion about IMC and participation in IMC. This is a chance to ask questions, raise concerns, and to describe challenges, joys, and possibilities that might exist at IMC for people born in Asia or descendants of Asian immigrants. People coming to IMC from an Asian cultural background will sometimes notice how different IMC is from the form of Buddhism or other religions they may be familiar with. The differences in styles and approaches can raise questions in people’s mind about how to engage and practice in a community like IMC. Discussions about this and other topics will be hosted by Gil Fronsdal (founding teacher at IMC, immigrant from Norway), Lilu Chen (Chinese born, raised in the US with doctorate studying Islam in China), and Ying Chen (Chinese born software engineer, spouse and mother in a mixed Chinese-Indian family, IMC Dharma Leader).

We welcome any Asian or South Asian people who are new to IMC or have been coming for some time.