Deepening Meditation Program (2019-2020)

Deepening Meditation Program (2019-2020)


Mondays, 9:30 am-4:00 pm: 8/26, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm: 10/7, 11/11, 12/2, 1/6, 2/3, 3/2, 4/20 5/18.  Optional retreat: March 15-22.

The DMP is an eight-month program giving experienced practitioners the opportunity to delve into meditation practice and the Buddhist teachings and instructions for meditation. The program will focus on understanding the different attentional factors involved in mindfulness, insight, and concentration meditation. We will also consider the supports and challenges to meditation, and the experiences and insights emphasized in traditional Vipassana practice. Components of the program include monthly group meetings, readings, short reflective writing assignments and small group practice-discussion meetings with Diana Clark, Max Erdstein and possibly other teachers.  Additional optional components are a seven-day retreat at IRC for forty people in March 2020 and a series of daylong retreats at IMC focusing on themes augmenting the program.

As this is an immersion program, having a regular meditation practice is required.  Additional prerequisites are five years of committed insight meditation practice, 4 seven-day (or longer) silent insight meditation retreats and completion of the IMC Eightfold Path Program or its equivalent.

Apply Here ; Applications due by August 1.  Notification of acceptance by Aug 14.