“The Insight Retreat Center” from Gil Fronsdal

“The Insight Retreat Center” from Gil Fronsdal

Dear Friend,

It is rare that I make a direct request for donations.  All that we offer at the Insight Meditation Center (IMC) we offer freely; a person can participate in our programs for a long time and never hear any request for money.  Now I would like to make an exception and ask you to consider making a donation to help transform our newly purchased property into a residential retreat center.

This year is our time of greatest opportunity to renovate our new retreat home and to acquire and protect the adjacent 38-acre private nature preserve.  If we can complete the renovation as planned, we will have a retreat center that operates in the same efficient and welcoming manner that beautifully continues the Dharma culture we have at IMC. Just as we do at IMC, the retreat center will offer retreats freely, with no costs to participants.

Our goal is to raise $2.3 million dollars to complete the project and acquire the nature preserve. This will include the creation of a meditation hall, a walking hall, and 40 individual bedrooms. The nature preserve will help us make walking in nature an integral part of our retreats.

Having our own retreat center fulfills a dream many of us have nurtured for a long time. Knowing the benefits from even a few days of retreat, we are excited to be able to offer a rich and varied program of retreats throughout the year.

This retreat center is our gift to future generations. Here, countless people will discover how mindfulness heals, develops love, and liberates. Having practiced here, retreatants will bring the benefits of mindfulness and compassion into the wider world.

It is very inspiring to me that so many people have found value in the teachings and practice opportunities at IMC.  I hope you will help us expand the good we can do by helping us build and establish the Insight Retreat Center.  Your gifts will not only help make the renovations possible, they will also add to the goodwill and generosity that will serve as the foundation of our center.

When we open the retreat center in 2012, please come join us on a retreat.

With much gratitude,

Gil Fronsdal

To make a donation online please visit our Donation page.