Mindfulness, Generosity & Joy w/ Jim Podolske, Leslie Tremaine & Shin Kwan Park

Mindfulness, Generosity & Joy w/ Jim Podolske, Leslie Tremaine & Shin Kwan Park

Saturday June 11, 9:30am to 4:30pm

Generosity, the first of the ten foundational practices (Paramis), is the beginning of the path to liberation. This daylong will develop generosity and mindfulness and  will explore a range of meaning and application of generosity beyond that associated with monetary offering through periods of silent sitting, guided meditation and group exercises.The focus will be to inspire inquiry into and explore practices of generosity, allowing time to discover the joy that can emerge from this beautiful practice. Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. Bring Lunch.

Jim Podolske is a scientist who has been a Vipassana student of Gil Fronsdal since 1998. He serves the Insight Meditation Center sangha both as a volunteer and introductory meditation instructor. He has sat Vipassana, Samadhi, and Brahmavihara retreats over the last 12 years. Jim enjoys sailing on the San Francisco Bay.

Leslie Tremaine  has practiced in the Vipassana tradition since the early 1990’s, as a  student of Mary Grace Orr, and now  serves on the Board of  Vipassana Santa Cruz .  Interested in the interface among contemplative traditions, Leslie also is a member of the Board of Pendle Hill, a Quaker  residential study center outside Philadelphia. She has worked in public mental health for over 30 years and sees this work as an extension of  her spiritual practice .

Shin Kwan Park is currently training to be a meditation teacher in the Vipassana tradition. She has an MA in Counseling Psychology and has worked in mental health, as a hospice volunteer with Zen Hospice and now serves as a volunteer for IMC. She is a student of Gil Fronsdal.