A Benefit for Mindful Schools with Megan Cowan

A Benefit for Mindful Schools with Megan Cowan [2010]

Sunday, August 15, 7 to 8:30pm

Megan Cowan will be sharing the work of Mindful Schools and discussing the movement of mindfulness in education. Hear the inspiring impact mindfulness is having on children and teachers in Oakland and the greater Bay Area, and what we can learn about our own practice from the simplicity of children.

Megan has been practicing since 1996, mostly in Burma, and including two and half years ordained as a nun. In 2001, she fell upon teaching mindfulness meditation to children and found it to be incredibly inspiring. Most recently, she started the Community Partnership for Mindfulness in Education through Park Day School in Oakland with Laurie Grossman and Richard Shankman. She experiences great joy in offering these tools of awareness and compassion to young people, preparing them to influence peace in our world.