The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: A non-silent Study and Practice Reteat

Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Woodacre, CA

With Andrea Fella, Tempel Smith
May 13-19, 2013

The Living Dharma retreat is intended for committed vipassana practitioners who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of the Buddha’s teachings through meditation, inquiry, study and sangha. Each year in this retreat, we offer some of the central teachings of the Buddha, and examine them in detail, especially regarding their relevance to our meditation practice and the experience of suffering and freedom in our lives. In 2013, the theme for the retreat will be the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. This teaching offers the Buddha’s main instructions for meditation, instructions that we work with to this day. During the week we will explore each of the Four Foundations through study, discussion and meditation practice.

For further information see: https://www.spiritrock.org/calendarDetails?EventID=3417