Online Course Details & Schedule

Online Course Details & Schedule

There is a “lesson” sent out each week for 6 weeks (on Sunday mornings):

  • Week 1: Mindfulness of Breath
  • Week 2: Mindfulness of Body
  • Week 3: Mindfulness of Emotions
  • Week 4: Mindfulness of Thinking
  • Week 5: Mindfulness of Mind
  • Week 6: Mindfulness in Daily Life

Time Commitment: the course is not live, so may be done at any time during the week.

  • approximately 2 1/2 hours weekly to: listen to the talk, read the material and consider the questions
  • 20-30 minutes weekly for your Teacher Support session: if support is by Phone/Skype/IM, this is scheduled with your support teacher.
  • 20-30 minutes for daily meditation

The lesson includes:

  • Audio talk – one mp3 download which includes a guided meditation: ~ 1 hr and 20 min.
  • Reading material: 30-60 min.
  • Questions/reflections to consider. This is flexible, depending on your personal interest and how much time you have available. 30 to 45 min
  • Teacher Support is either:
    • 5 weekly 20 minute appointment by phone/skype/IM. These appointments are used in whatever way is helpful to you. We often use the questions and reflections as a starting point.
    • The teacher support may also be done by email at your own time.
    • The course may be “audited”, taken without teacher support.
  • Suggested exercises to experiment with during daily life. These are times we practice with mindfulness during our daily activities, so they generally don’t take extra time.
  • Daily reflections are sent daily by email. These are meant to clarify certain points, and to support your daily practice.