Mindful Parents Program

Mindful Parents Program

Led by Lauren Silver and Melody Baumgartner
Third Sunday of the Month from 11:15 am – 12:45 pm
September, 2023 – May, 2024

This year’s theme is Mindful Parenting in the context of the Eightfold Path. Each month we will explore a different path factor:

September 17 – Introduction
October 15 – Skillful View
November 19 – Skillful Intention
December 17 — Skillful Speech
January 21 – Skillful Action
February 18 – Skillful Livelihood
March 17 – Skillful Effort
April 21 – Skillful Mindfulness
May 19 – Skillful Concentration

Parents are invited to practice together in a warm and caring community, supporting each other as we raise thriving children of all ages—infancy through adulthood. Meetings will include meditation, mindful speech and listening, and have plenty of time for sharing.

You may attend all or any part of the series. No registration is necessary. Contact Melody Baumgartner at melodybaumgartner@gmail.com for more information.