Books & Articles

Books & Articles

Terms and Conditions for Distribution of Materials

We follow the long tradition of offering Dharma teachings freely to all.  You may copy or distribute any material on this website, provided it is done free of charge, and this notice is included with all copies:

This material is licensed under the Creative Commons License.  You may make and/or distribute copies, provided that you do so freely without cost, follow the guidelines of the license, and this notice is included with all copies.

IMC Library

The library is available during most of our events for borrowing books, tapes or DVDs. Please be conscientious about returning them to the Book Return box in a timely manner (within 4 weeks).

  • Book donations are welcome. We are accepting books on Buddhism and selected books from other spiritual traditions, as well as DVDs. Place them in the large Book Donation box in the library. Books that we do not accept will be taken to Book Buyers in Mountain View to receive book credits for the library.
  • Donating your Book Buyers Credits: If you have credits at Book Buyers that you wish to donate to IMC, please ask them to give credit to the Insight Meditation Center account.