Young Adults’ Practice and Community Day

Sunday, July 25, 2010 1:30 to 5:30pm

Join teachers Andrea Fella and Donald Rothberg for a half-day retreat on the theme “Integrating Practice and Daily Life.” As a follow-up to the November daylong for young adults, Twheet, this event is geared to build community among in a supportive environment for practitioners roughly 20-35yrs. This special event will be co-hosted by teachers Andrea Fella and Donald Rothberg and features a mix of sittings, short dharma talks, and opportunities for group discussion. November’s Twheet attendees asked that more time in the next event be dedicated to practice, so this Community Day will not be a conference-style format but rather more oriented to meditation. Those looking for a full day of community with the larger sangha can also enjoy the usually scheduled IMC sit and potluck lunch in the morning of July 25th, and help pitch in with the potluck cleanup, before the Community Day starts at 1:30pm. Email ardenpennell@gmail.com with any questions.