Annual Fundraising letter from Gil Fronsdal

Annual Fundraising letter from Gil Fronsdal

Dear friend of IMC,

Twenty-five years ago a few people began to meet in Menlo Park on Monday evenings to practice mindfulness meditation and listen to Buddhist teachings together.  They planted the seed that grew to become IMC. Not only do we have an active center, we also have a “virtual community” of thousands who listen to our talks online through Audiodharma, iTunes and other websites.  This is remarkable given that all our programs, publications, and online Dharma talks are offered freely. Our growth is clearly the result of the generosity of the many people who have benefited from what our community offers.  Those of you who practice with us, who volunteer, and who financially donate to IMC all contribute to the field of generosity and goodwill which sustains us. Our programs are open to anyone to participate as they can and as they want.

In this annual fundraising letter, I first and foremost want to express my great gratitude to all the people who practice with and support IMC.  For me, our community is a wonderful expression of the liberation, compassion and love that the Buddha pointed to. I never could have imagined I would be teaching in such an inspiring community based on the most meaningful values found in Buddhism. Many, many thanks!

IMC is fortunate to have a well cared for building, an expanding range of programs, an extensive online offering of talks, and enough support to offer residential retreats every year.  The donations we receive from this end-of-the-year fundraising letter are significant means by which we finance our online offerings, our center and our growth, including how many residential retreats we can offer.

I invite you to donate to IMC.  If you do, we will use your donations skillfully and will measure our success by the amount of well being we’re able to bring to the world.  We hope to support increasingly more people in their practice to ease suffering and find freedom.

You can find more information on how to donate by visiting:

With gratitude and best wishes,

Gil Fronsdal