Dharma Friends Day of Event

Dharma Friends Day of Event

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COVID-19 Precautions:

During this time we are not hosting in-person events (except for specially approved outdoor socially distanced activities). Liability release forms will not be needed for online events.


Bring blank liability release forms

Participants must sign an IMC liability release form for any event where there is risk  of injury which might create liability for IMC. This includes, hikes or carpooling.

At least once per calendar year, participants need to sign a liability release form.

If someone can’t remember whether they have signed a liability release form this year, please ASK THEM TO SIGN ANOTHER LIABILITY RELEASE FORM.

The Sangha has two liability release forms:

How to respond to objections like: “But I would never sue IMC, you’re my Sangha.”

“You may not, but your insurance will try to find somebody else to pay for your health expenses. You have no control over this. It’s also possible, if something dreadful happens to you, that your estate or your family could sue IMC.”
“Your signing the IMC liability release form is a gift which you give to IMC to help us protect against these possibilities.”

Where to file signed release forms

In the IMC library, there are a set of cabinets opposite the bookshelves. On the lower left of these cabinets there are 2 drawers. In the bottom drawer are 2 file folders with multi-colored tabs labeled SIGNED LIABILITY RELEASE FORMS and UNSIGNED LIABILITY RELEASE FORMS.  The sangha treasurer will periodically move signed forms to archive storage.