2022-23 Eightfold Path Program Offered both In-person and Online

2022-23 Eightfold Path Program Offered both In-person and Online

The Buddha’s most explicit path of practice is the Eightfold Path— a set of eight practical approaches to bring Buddhist practice into the width and depth of our lives. The Eightfold Path Program is an introduction to each of the Eightfold factors so participants will discover how to apply each set of practices in ways that are personally meaningful.

Pre-requisite: completion of IMC’s Introduction to Meditation course or the equivalent.

Please register.  The in-person and online versions of the program will occur parallel at the same time.  Participants can attend either version throughout the program, though we encourage you to pick one as primary to build community.  After registering, you will receive Zoom links and course materials by email.  A longer application is required to be assigned a mentor in addition to the group meetings.  Mentoring slots may fill.

The registration and Mentor application form is found HERE.

Team teaching are Chris Clifford, Liz Powell, David Lorey, Marjolein Janssen, Ying Chen, Sandra Sanabria, Wendy Lo, Lilu Chen and Ari Crelin-Quick, Tanya Wiser

The program has the following elements:

  1. 2-1/2 hour monthly meetings that include teachings, meditation, and discussions.
  2. Readings, reflections, and practices for each month.
  3. A monthly one-hour personal meeting with an Eightfold Path mentor (if you apply for this) to discuss one’s practice and reflections on the Eightfold Path factors.
  4. Four optional online drop-in Discussion/Q&A sessions for anyone, but especially for those with no personal mentor.
  5. Ends with a one-day Eightfold Path retreat on Zoom and either IMC or Insight Retreat Center.


Contact eightfoldpath@insightmeditationcenter.org with questions.

Dates (Sundays 1 two 3:30 pm Pacific Time)
2021 Introduction to the Path and Program – Sep 4; Right View- Oct 2; Right Intention-Nov 6; Right Speech- Dec 4; Right Action – Jan 8 (online for everyone); Right Livelihood- Feb 5; Right Effort – March 5; Right Mindfulness – April 2; Right Concentration – May 7. Concluding Daylong, Sat, June 24 at IMC or IRC and online