Registering for IMC In-person Programs

Registering for IMC In-person Programs

IMC is planning to resume live, in-person Sunday morning sessions for groups of 25 people. Registration and proof of vaccination are required.  Masks will also be required.  Signup lists will be checked at the door.

To accommodate more people we will have two sessions on Sunday morning:

Session 1: 8:00 Meditation; 8:40 Question and Answer session with Gil; 9:00 end (and prompt exit from the building)

Session 2: 9:25 Meditation; 10:00-10:45  Dharma Talk with Gil

Please only sign up in advance for one event per month to allow a larger part of our sangha to participate.  Ok to check two days before an event and take any still-open spots.

To accommodate more people, sign up for only one of the two Sunday sessions.

Dates for which Sundays we will be open will be made available to people who are registered.

To participate, do this step only once:  submit proof of vaccination (a photo of your card, or the official state certificate) here:  Note it may take a couple of days to validate the certificate, so do this part at least a few days in advance of the first meeting you want to attend.

Once your vaccination certificate has been verified, you will periodically receive a link to a form to signup for Sunday meetings.  Look out for email from

  • Please do cancel if you change your mind so that others may attend.You can cancel from a link in the confirmation email you will receive from  Or write us at .
  • Only one person per email may sign up, so couples who normally share an email address will need to use separate ones for this purpose.
  • IMC has improved its air circulation system to bring in outside air as well as added four large air purifiers the meditation hall and community hall.