The Equivalence of Ethics and Enlightenment Now Online

The Equivalence of Ethics and Enlightenment Now Online

Two Options both online:

Full Program with Gil Fronsdal, Diana Clark and Max Erdstein

               On Mondays at IMC, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm 

               Sept 27, Oct 25, Nov 22, Dec 20, Jan 17, Feb 14, March 14, April 4

Abbreviated, alternate Online class using same readings, reflections, and assignments as the in-person class with access to audio recordings of in-person Dharma talks.

               On Saturdays, 9:00 – 11:15 am taught by Diana Clark

               Oct 2, Oct 30, Dec 4, Jan 1, Jan 22, Feb 19, Mar 19, Apr 9

Join us as we explore the inherent union of ethics and awakening; that is, how the Buddha’s path to awakening is an ethical path, that awakening itself is an ethical awakening, and that the awakened life is an ethical life.  This eight-month program, starting in September 2021 and ending in April 2022, provides experienced practitioners an opportunity to delve into some of the deeper teachings of our Buddhist tradition within a community of other committed practitioners. The program includes required bi-weekly readings and monthly writing of short reflective essays.

To apply, please fill out the application .  Participation in this program is by selection. UPDATE: You’re welcome to apply after the deadline.

The Monday classes will include talks, guided meditations, small group discussions, and Q&A.  The online Saturday classes on Zoom will be abbreviated, relying on the students having already listened to the talks from the Monday class. The Saturday class will emphasize small group discussions (Zoom breakout rooms) and Q&A.

IMC wishes to create a safe environment for everyone.  We are asking participants for the in-person Monday class to be vaccinated.  Unvaccinated individuals are encouraged to take the Saturday online class.

Prerequisites: at least five years of committed insight meditation practice, five seven-day (or longer) silent vipassana retreats, and completion of IMC’s Eightfold Path Program or its equivalent.

This is one of the three-year-long programs for experienced practitioners offered at IMC.  The three programs are focused on the three Buddhist trainings: Ethics, Samadhi, and Wisdom. In 2022 we will offer the Deepening Meditation Program (samādhi), and in 2023 we will offer Entering the Stream (Wisdom).