July – December: Pāramī or “Perfections of the Heart” Six-Month Course with Diana Clark

July – December: Pāramī or “Perfections of the Heart” Six-Month Course with Diana Clark

Often when we think about Buddhist practice we think of meditation; however, there are additional powerful practices and qualities we can develop in our daily lives such as the ten Pāramī or “Perfections of the Heart.” In this six-month program, we will explore and practice with Patience, Resolve, Truthfulness, and other transformative qualities to support greater freedom in our lives. The program includes monthly meetings, readings, and the writing of short reflective essays.  The meetings will include talks, discussions, and guided meditations.

Prerequisites: At least one year of committed insight meditation practice and completion of IMC’s Eight-fold Path Program or its equivalent.

The course meetings will be offered via Zoom, 12:30 – 4:00 pm Pacific time (with an ample break) on the following Sundays: July 18, Aug 15, Sept 12, Oct 10, Nov 14, and Dec 12, 2021.

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Contact imc.parami@gmail.com with questions.

Diana Clark

As a dharma teacher, Diana Clark, PhD, draws from her extensive retreat practice to teach in a warm-hearted and relevant manner. Being inspired by the Buddha’s teachings on peace and freedom, she teaches with an emphasis on both the beautiful and the practical and with a commitment to creating the conditions for the unfolding of both wisdom and compassion. As a Buddhist scholar Diana teaches courses on Theravada Buddhism at the Graduate Theological Union. She also leads discussions with dharma communities that explore the discourses of the Buddha with an emphasis on making these beautiful ancient teachings helpful and supportive today.