Powering IRC for the 21st Century: Letter from Gil on IRC’s Renewable Energy Initiative

Powering IRC for the 21st Century: Letter from Gil on IRC’s Renewable Energy Initiative

Dear friends of IRC and IMC,

For 2020, we are committed to upgrading the electrical system at our Insight Retreat Center so that 100% of our power comes from solar panels, with battery backup. We also plan to install a new backup generator fueled by propane (which is less polluting than our current diesel generator) and to upgrade our electrical system so that retreats can continue to run smoothly when power outages occur.

We are enthusiastic about converting to renewable solar energy, knowing that the solar electric panel portion of the project will dramatically reduce our $10,000 annual electric bill, hopefully to zero (sun permitting).

The estimated cost for this major upgrade of IRC’s electrical system is $180,000 and includes:

  • Solar Panels offering 100% coverage
  • Battery Storage / Backup System
  • Propane Generator (replacing our fragile 1947 diesel generator)
  • Upgrading IRC’s electrical system

We are very pleased to announce that $73,000 has been raised already and want to express our gratitude to members of the community who have donated to support this initiative.  We’ll proceed with the project as funds allow, doing as much as we can afford at one time.

Donations will fund needed equipment purchases and construction.  Donations help maintain the financial health of IRC. The cost savings from generating our own power will contribute to IRC’s financial well-being for decades to come.

If you are inspired to contribute to the renewable energy initiative for IRC, your gift will impact many people’s ability to practice there, and you will also be participating in the beautiful field of generosity that fuels IRC.

Thank you,

Gil Fronsdal

Donate by Check: Make your check payable to IRC, and write “Renewables” in the memo.
Mail to IRC, 108 Birch St., Redwood City, CA 94062. Donate Online on our Donations page. Please indicate your gift is for “Renewables”.

Questions?  Please email md@insightretreatcenter.org