New Year’s Eve Celebration with Tanya Wiser 12-31-2019

New Year’s Eve Celebration with Tanya Wiser 12-31-2019

Join us

Join us on New Year’s Eve for an alternative celebration of the ending of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. We will enjoy sitting and walking meditation; some time for reflection and sharing; refreshments; and end by chanting and ringing the bell 108 times. It’s a tradition at IMC. Please come whenever you can and stay as long as you like. The only thing we ask is not to leave and return.


Please do not park on the 100 block of Birch Street (the block IMC is on) or in nearby office parking lots. There is ample street parking available within a 1-4 min walk of IMC. For people with accessibility needs, IMC has a tiny parking lot with one wheelchair accessible spot one spot for those who have difficulty walking.


7:30 Welcome
7:45 Sit
8:15 Walk
8:45 Share quotes/poetry/inspirational thoughts (feel free to bring words to share)
9:15 Refreshments (feel free to bring food to share)
9:45 Sit
10:15 Walk
10:35 Guided Practice & Reflections on 2019 and Intentions for 2020
11:20 Brahma Vihara Practice (metta, compassion, sympathetic-joy, equanimity)
11:40 Chant Homage to Buddha, Refuges & Precepts
11:50 Ring the Bell 108 times to bring in the New Year
12:05 Dedication of Merit & Closing
12:06 10 min Sangh Service (clean up)
12:15 Close