2019 Year End Letter from Gil Fronsdal

2019 Year End Letter from Gil Fronsdal

Autumn, 2019

Dear Friends,

Next year I will have taught for IMC for 30 years! This has been a time for me to reflect on all the changes I have seen as a teacher.

Thirty years ago, we were mostly a group of beginners. It is inspiring to see the personal growth, healing, and spiritual maturation in people who have practiced at MC and lRC or have been listening to Audiodharma.

In 1990, we were mostly just beginning to learn about the endless potential of practice. It is inspiring to watch the slow and steady transformations in ethical integrity, kindness and compassion, equanimity and peace, wisdom and living for the welfare of others.

Back then, I was the only “teacher” and had just started training to be a teacher. It is inspiring to have guided a growing number of people who started their Buddhist practice at lMC and have now grown into wonderful teachers.

When we began, we were a small group meeting in the library of a church. It is inspiring to watch the broad reach of our community with Audiodharma, satellite sitting groups, and those who teach in prisons, serve as chaplains in hospitals, and offer the Dharma in Spanish locally, elsewhere in California and in South America.

Thirty years ago, we were mostly a group of strangers. It is inspiring to watch IMC and lRC mature as communities based on friendships, generosity, volunteerism, kindness, and welcoming of diverse groups of people.

And it is inspiring to know we are continuing to grow. I very much look forward to seeing how we continue to mature and serve the world in the next decade and beyond.

l am very grateful for everyone who supports and participates in all that that lMC offers.

With deep gratitude and delight,

Gil Fronsdal

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