Widening the Range: Seeing by the Noble Truths Daylong with Kim Allen – October 27th

9:30 am to 4:00 pm

As we practice mindfulness, we begin to notice that we have created many walls in our life, mostly with the purpose of excluding what is uncomfortable – physically, emotionally, philosophically, etc. We also feel the effort it takes to maintain these divisions.

Through practice, we learn to soften, and to meet a wider range of experience with a calm, clear presence. This happens physically, through relaxing bodily tension, and also in the mind, through seeing – and seeing through – our mental patterns. It is the practice of seeing by the Noble Truths.

Through a gradual process, we find a more reliable safety than what is offered by building walls. We see how a calm embodied presence brings healing and leads toward liberation.

This daylong includes silent sitting and walking meditation, as well as teachings and small-group interaction. Bring lunch.

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