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Dana is the Buddhist word for giving.
It is in the spirit of generosity that IMC continues a 2500-year-old Buddhist tradition of providing the teachings freely to all who are interested. IMC does not require payment for any of our programs. IMC has no paid staff, being run solely by volunteers. Our financial support comes from the generosity of people who value what we do. The donations we receive support all our expenses, including our building, publications and wide-reaching website. Our teachers receive no salary and are supported by teacher dana. We at IMC are very grateful for all the support we receive, and are inspired by how beautifully Dharma practice develops when it does so in a field of generosity and gratitude. All donations to IMC are tax-deductible.

Insight Meditation Center of the Mid-Peninsula is a 501(c)(3) organization, with tax ID 77-0450217.

Ways to Donate
Online: The links at the right are an opportunity for one-time or recurring donations through PayPal. For a one-time donation, you may use either a PayPal account or credit card. A recurring monthly donation will require that a PayPal account be used to manage the subscription – a process that is quick, easy, and secure.By Check: Please make checks payable to “Insight Meditation Center” and mail to Insight Meditaton Center:

108 Birch Street, Redwood City, CA 94062

Please indicate if funds are to go to: IMC/Audio Dharma, Teachers, Insight Retreat Center, or Online Introduction to Meditation Course. If applicable, specify teacher(s) or percentage amount if donating to more than one category.

In Person: There is a donation box by the front door of IMC. It has two slots, one for Teacher Dana and the other for IMC Expenses. You may donate by cash or check.

Amazon Purchases: When you make purchases at Amazon through this Amazon Search link, a small percentage will go to help support the programs at IMC.

Buying or Selling Your Home: If you’re buying or selling your home, sangha member and retired real-estate broker, Carol Collins, offers to negotiate a reduced brokerage fee for you, and contribute her entire finder’s fee to IMC. For information contact Carol at (408) 348-1385. Flier

Enroll in E-Scrip: E-scrip is an effortless way of raising funds for IMC. If you register your grocery club card, and/or credit/debit cards with E-scrip, the participating merchants donate a small percentage of your purchases to our center. You keep all your credit card rewards. Register on-line at E-scrip. The Group ID is 238528

One-Time Donations

You may use either a credit card or a Paypal account. You will receive an email receipt.

IMC / Audio Dharma
Teacher Dana

Insight Retreat Center

Online Course

Recurring Monthly Donations

With a PayPal account, you can support IMC with a recurring monthly donation. You will receive an email receipt monthly.

IMC / Audio Dharma

Teacher Dana

Insight Retreat Center