IMC 2017 Year-end Letter

Dear friend,

This year marks the 20th year since we incorporated as the “Insight Meditation Center.” Perhaps we are one year away from becoming an “adult” meditation center!

15 years ago we moved to our Redwood City center and 5 years ago we began offering residential retreats at our Insight Retreat Center in Santa Cruz. The great reach of Audiodharma has surprised us; certainly when we started Audiodharma in 2000 we had no idea over 4 million of our talks would be downloaded in 2017.

As our center has grown, so has the IMC community, both near and far.  The maturity and generosity of so many people has contributed to IMC being a vibrant and multifaceted Dharma center with programs for a wide variety of people and levels of experience.

What might be next?  I don’t know. However, I am confident we have a marvelous foundation in which to do even more good for our world.  I am certain that as we reach our 21st year we will find new ways to contribute to the welfare of many individuals and of our wider society.  I look forward to seeing how we will continue to grow in our first “adult” years.

With a tremendous gratitude, I thank everyone who has supported IMC through their interest in our teachings and programs, through their generous volunteering in caring for our all-volunteer centers, and through their financial donations.  The goodness, goodwill, and generosity that flow through IMC is a light shining brightly in a world in need.


Gil Fronsdal

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