Property Next to Insight Retreat Center for Sale

The house next door to the Insight Retreat Center (IRC) has just been put on the market.  

It would greatly benefit IRC to own this property:

  • As the house sits only 50 feet from our meditation hall, owning it would allow us to protect the quiet and ambience of our retreats.
  • It would also expand our grounds by one more acre, giving us the chance to expand the network of trails on our property.
  • It would give us an attractive and functional home for our resident volunteers that will help enrich the dharma practice of the volunteer community.
  • In turn, this would also allow us to have 2-3 more retreatants each retreat and so reduce our waiting lists for retreats.
  • It would add another well to give us greater water security.

IRC does not have the funding to purchase this property or to take on a mortgage.  We can only do so if there are major donors able to step forward within a short time frame. This is an opportunity that may not come around for many years.
Details can be found here:1998 Glen Canyon Rd, Scotts Valley  ~  FLIER 

If you are able to help with the purchase or would like to make a pledge, please contact IRC’s Managing Director: Ines Freedman insightretreatcenter@gmail.com.