IMC Ride Sharing Program

In order to reduce gasoline usage as well as congestion and parking in our neighborhood, IMC is beginning a test program to help coordinate ride sharing to IMC events. The test program is using a service called GoLoco.org , which helps match drivers and passengers by allowing each to post trips that they are making or want to make. More information about GoLoco’s service can be found at http://www.goloco.org/help

If you are interested in participating in this test program:

  1. Go to the “Insight Meditation Center” group on GoLoco:
  2. Create an account or login using your existing account information
  3. Join the Insight Meditation Center group by clicking the “Join this Group” link *
  4. Post the days (either individual or recurring) that you will be driving or need a ride to events at IMC. You can also join an existing trip to IMC:

    To post a trip or request a ride:

    • enter your starting address and ending address (IMC’s address is 108 Birch St, Redwood City, California, 94062) and click “Go Loco”
    • once the address has been entered, select “Post My Trip”.
    • elect the date you plan on going to IMC, or
      • if the trip will repeat (i.e. every Monday),  select the day(s) of the week you will be attending IMC events and wish to share/request a ride
    • select whether you can drive or if you need a ride
    • once your trip had been posted, select “Edit this trip” to:
      • set the pickup time
      • make it a round trip
      • ensure that the “Insight Meditation Center of Redwood City” is selected to have visibility to the trip (this will make the trip appear on the IMC Group page)

    To join an existing trip:

    • Go to the IMC Group page and view existing trips to IMC
    • If you wish to join an existing trip or if you want more information, select the trip and click “view trip”
      • From the “Trip Details” page, select “Join this trip”
      • Enter any comments and select “Ask to Join this Trip”
    • An email will be sent to the driver of the trip, who will either confirm or reject your request.
    • Once you have been confirmed or rejected, you will receive an email

We hope that this service will be of use to our community. As this is a test program, we would like to get your feedback to ensure that the service if both useful and useable by our community. In preliminary testing, out of the many ride sharing services GoLoco seemed to best fit our needs, but if it is determined that GoLoco is not appropriate for IMC, we will try other similar services. Please send your feedback to the communications director at imc.communicationsdirector@gmail.com. Also, if you have any questions about or problems with the carpooling program, please contact the communications director as well.

* Apart from establishing a local “group”, IMC is neither in charge of or responsible for the GoLoco ride matching program.  Those who become GoLoco members assume all the responsibilities, obligations, risks and liabilities inherent to the GoLoco service. Please consult the GoLoco Terms of Service.